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N44VF-Summer of 2018 over Michigan

We sold our beloved kit-built airplane "Victor Fox", N44VF in the summer of 2017 to some of our friends.

For the uninitiated, we bought a kit and built an airplane in our home, and have a complete site documenting that process. The highlights for the less interested are below, it's a 4 seat, 200MPH airplane featuring a 300HP engine and can fly about 5 hours, or about 1,000nm between refueling.

The overview of our history is this. While in college at the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering a good friend (John Collier) showed me a copy of Kitplanes and I was in love. I thought "you'd have to be crazy to build your own airplane", but I was in love with sleep shape. Incidentally I'd been in the USAF ROTC program until I developed minor asthma and was released. I'm not sure now what edition of the magazine it was, but maybe the July 1986 "Maximum Velocity" (page 46), the April 1989 cover of Neil Hunter's Velocity, the March 1990 "Getting a Leg Up", or the more likely Novemeber 1991 "Flying the Velocity" right before I graduated in 1992. But the idea stuck, but I didn't fly with the air force and set it aside until I started dating Elizabeth in late 2000. We talked about getting our private pilot's licenses, and I shared my hair-brained infatuation with the Velocity, and we attended Airventure that summer and started taking flight lessons just before attending the airshow - where we put down a deposit on the kit. Just afterwards our training was interupted by the September 11th attacks of that year. But, by the spring of 2002 we'd gotten the kit and attended the factory head-start program, and by July 2002 the kit was at our house in Mason, OH.

Here are some of our better pictures out with the airplane.

Event Pictures

File:For Sale N44VF.docx For Sale Flyer PDF


In late September of 2008 we suffered an in-flight emergency (ruptured oil line) and made a forced landing on a state highway in southern Indiana near Otisco, while enroute to the Rough River fly-in near Louisville. Follow this link for a full write-up], but we were fortunate to have good weather and a reasonable straight, lightly-used, road in front of us. At this time of the year all of the fields were full of crops that make landing in them quite hazardous, so the roadway seemed the better option, even though we did have to duck some power lines at the last minute. We did end up clipping a pole while moving over to avoid some cars who'd stopped on the side of the road, but the damage was pretty straightforward to repair.

Timeline of Building / Flying

Here's the timeline of our building activities, for folks that want to know a little more, but don't want all the detail of our full site.



  • 11/30/2013 - Elizabeth takes our flying friend Andrew Saragan for a ride
  • 08/29/2013 - We visit MERFI, the Mid-East Reginal Fly-in, in Urbana, OH, 2013 edition
  • 08/18/2013 - Elizabeth gave rides to Dustin, the airport bum, and our plane (Decathlon) friends Penny and Chris
  • 01/27/2013 - Brett earns his private pilot certificate, finally












  • 09/24/1999 - Brett and his brother Dave fly with "Texas Air Aces", for his 30th birthday. Later, both of these airplanes crash with tragic loss of life.

Air-to-Air Pictures

These pictures are courtesy of Al Wolfson (photographer) and Ken Ross (pilot). Sadly, these were all taken before we installed the decals, so they're not my favorites today, but I still love them.

Winglet Porn

Canard folks love these shots, which we refer to lovingly as "winglet porn".

Flight Audio

Play - 40 knot overtake Play - Landing at the Dayton Airshow Play - Scott Swing from the factory flies the Fox
Play - Our friend Dave Bertram talks with 700WLW about flying the "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft

Paint Job Pictures

These pictures are courtesy of Al Wolfson (photographer) and Ken Ross (pilot). Sadly, these were all taken before we installed the decals, so they're not my favorites today, but I still love them.

Instrument Pictures

Interior Pictures

Building Pictures

Fun Audio

"N44VF - You have a 40 knot overtake... " Play
"N44VF - Keep your heels up... " Play
"Flying N44VF with Scott Swing - Highlights " Play
"Dave Bertram, family friend and test-pilot extrodinaire, on 700 WLW talking flying the hurricane hunter " Play

All Pictures / Storage


These are loosely in chronological order, which is more or less the big milestones in order, but noted that the video quality goes way up the later you go.

First Flight with Dave Bertram 2007

Jul 1999 - Flying with Texas Air Aces with my brother Dave
Aug 2008 - Beth overflies the house
May 2010 - Dave and Jerry
May 2010 - Return to Service after our incident, painting and panel upgrades
Sept 2010 Flying home from Moraine
Sept 2010 - Kings Island Overflight with Ray
Sept 2010 - Scott Swing flies the fox and talks canard airmanship
Sept 2010 - Going to Urbana for breakfast
Sept 2010 - Flying with Chuck Less's N709WT
Nov 2010 - First Flight with Vortex Generators
Aug 2011 Return to Service
Sept 2011 - Getting ready for Rough River
Dec 2011 - Last flight on the Catto fixed pitch propeller
Mar 2012 - MT First Flight (Constant-Speed propeller)
Jun 2012 - Dayton Pilot's Club BBQ
June 2012 - Air to Air with Pete Sweemer, Elizabeth in the Velocity
Jul 2012 - Taking our cousins flying
Aug 2012 - KMGY for Runway Fest
Feb 2013 - My first ride in my airplane, with Dave Bertram
June 2014 - John Abraham demos 90kt approach technique
Aug 2014 - Stopping in Allegan, MI on our way to Airventure-Part 2
Aug 2014 - Stopping in Allegan, MI on our way to Airventure
Oct 2014 - Brett low local flight
Oct 2014 - Brett Practice
April 2015 - Velocity Shadow Flight
May 2015 - Funday Sunday
May 2015 - Velocity Practice Brett
May 2015 Velocity Cincinnati Fly-in
July 2015 - Landing Practice and Dashware testing
Aug 2015 - Brett Local Flight
Sept 2015 - Rough River
Sept 2015 - Flying to MERFI

Oracle Videos

Elizabeth works with Oracle quite a bit and was honored to take a flight with their Airshow performers in 2017. When the opportunity arose again the next year she was kind enough to offer the ride to me. Here's the video.

July 2017 - Elizabeth Flies with Team Oracle
July 2018 - Brett Flies with Team Oracle