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== Other ==
== Other ==
* Click [[bike_sale|Here]] for Beth's bike sale
* Click [[bike_sale|Here]] for Beth's bike sale
* [[Pictures]]
== Wiki Sidebar Navigation ==
== Wiki Sidebar Navigation ==
* Edit the sidebar [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]
* Edit the sidebar [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]

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Ferrell Family Wiki

Getting started

Email Brett if you need an account

Welcome to everything Brett and Elizabeth. Part of the joy of running your own data center is that you can host Wiki's and Blogs and whatever you want!

Data Center and Networking

  • Click Here for pictures of my new data center "Camp Kiwi" (server room) build!
  • Click Here for examples of our Home Network Installations
  • Click Here for my Home Assistant/Hass.io stuff


I'm just getting into astronomy, having had some interest since I was a kid, and as I join club and sign up for courses and watch shows or movies, I'll try to capture my thoughts here for folks that might follow behind in case they're useful.


  • Click Here for pictures of our old Top Flite house that I posted for it's sale
  • Click Here for pictures of our previous old house, where we finished the basement



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