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We both started our pilot training in 2001, but after the Sepember 11th attacks we both were forced to take about a month off, and although we flew some over that winter, when we got our kit Velocity in the spring of 2002 I essentially stopped flying until after the kit was built. Elizabeth kept flying so she'd be ready to test fly the Velocity. She did that (issued 14 September 2010), and I finished my training after the Velocity was basically a solid flying platform, getting my certificate (Part 61 Private Pilot, Single Engine Land) in 27 January 2013, my complex (27 April 2013) in Lebanon's Arrow and high performance endorsements (29 March 2013) at Sporty's in their G1000 182 Cessna, and my sUAS (Par 107 commercial drone) on 15 August 2020. I received my Velocity factory type endorsement on 16 April 2014. I was also awarded the Repairman Certificate for our Velocity on 13 July 2007. I also have 1 hour of turbo prop instruction in the Legend from 24 September 2016.


My flight career started the same time as Elizabeth's in the summer of 2001, and with a month-long interuption by the attacks of 9/11/01. I did solo and flew a bit more into 2002, but as we headed off to [ Head Start] and started buying airplane parts it became clear that I would not be able to build the kit and finish my flight training.

So, we decided to get Elizabeth fully qualified while I built. When the airplane was done in 2007 she started doing the test flying, and I kept fixing the myriad of things that needed to be tweaked, and then we had our incident. I then had to fix that damage, and we went ahead and painted and installed an interior (and upgraded the instrument panel and electric), and long story short (I know - too late!) I didn't get back to finishing my license until 2011.

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Brett's Checkride

Airport's We've Visited

Page ID Name
I68 I68 Lebanon/Warren County Airport - John Lane Field
KMGY KMGY Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport
KMWO KMWO Middletown Regional Airport/Hook Field
I23 I23 Fayette County Airport (Washington Courthouse)
KTZR KTZR Bolton Field Airport
I69 I69 Clermont County Airport - Sporty's Academy and Flight Shop (Home of EAA Chapter 174)
KHAO KHAO Butler County Regional Airport - Hogan Field (Home of EAA Chapter 974)
2OH9 2OH9 Caesar Creek Soaring Club Gliderport
KLUK KLUK Cincinnati Municipal Airport-Lunken Field
KDAY KDAY James M Cox Dayton International Airport
KISZ KISZ Cincinnati Blue Ash Airport
KMIE KMIE Delaware County Regional Airport - Muncie, IN
I44 I44 Dahio Trotwood Airport
KOXD KOXD Miami University Airport
KCMH KCMH John Glenn Columbus International Airport
X26 X26 Sebastian Municipal Airport (Home of Velocity Aircraft)
KOSH KOSH Wittman Regional Airport
2I3 2I3 John Glenn Columbus International Airport
40I 40I Red Stewart Airfield
I19 I19 Greene County-Lewis A Jackson Regional Airport
KSGH KSGH Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport
I66 I66 Clinton Field Airport
KRID KRID Richmond Municipal Airport
I73 I73 Moraine Air Park
I74 I74 Urbana Grimes Field Airport
I61 I61 I61 Hagerstown Airport
KHGR KHGR KHGR Hagerstown Regional Airport-Richard A Henson Field (Home of AOPA)
KJST KJST John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport
KWWD KWWD Cape May / Wildwood Airport
35D 35D Padgham Field Airport
3I7 3I7 Dayton-Phillipsburg Airport
OH71 OH71 OH71 (formerly 37I) Troy Skypark Airport
1WF 1WF Waco Field Airport
I17 I17 Piqua Airport - Hartzell Field
KVES KVES Darke County Airport
KIRS KIRS Kirsch Municipal Airport (Sturgis, MI)
KPCW KPCW Erie-Ottawa International Airport (Port Clinton)
KTEL KTEL Perry County Municipal Airport (Tell City, IN)
KFRH KFRH French Lick Municipal Airport
TKI TKI McKinney National Airport
KCPF KCPF Wendell H Ford Airport (Formerly K20)
KHLG KHLG Wheeling Ohio County Airport
KAOO KAOO Altoona-Blair County Airport
KFLD KFLD Fond Du Lac County Airport
KEKX KEKX Addington Field Airport
KEOP KEOP Pike County Airport
KFRH KFRH French Lick Municipal Airport
KCYO KCYO Pickaway County Memorial Airport
KCVG KCVG Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
KMLB KMLB Melbourne International Airport
KX59 KX59 Valkaria Airport

Airplanes Brett has Flown

Brett Flying with Team Oracle

Airplanes Elizabeth has Flown

Elizabeth Flying with Team Oracle


Brett Flying with Team Oracle

Elizabeth Flying with Team Oracle

Rene flying the legend with Elizabeth